Triptik Music

TRIP019: Mr Blazey – Too Good

With ‘Too Good’ the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK based multi-instrumentalist throws North Indian, Soul, Dub and Hip-Hop music into the mix, spawning his first lead vocal track without a collaborator, which reflects missed opportunities and encourages listeners that life is too short not to take risks.

Made up of short recordings of Blazey playing around with his instrument collection, incorporating a half sized sitar as well as some home made percussion instruments, the track draws a sample-based collage aesthetic without actually sampling anyone else’s records.
The visual to accompany the track similarly uses found and cut up imagery, taken from Tony Gatlif’s film ‘Latcho Drom’ which tells the story of travelling musicians and how the evolving music changes throughout the film due to the people picking up new influences as they pass through new territories. This is very appropriate to the style and process of Mr. Blazey’s musical experiments.
Remixes come curtsy of Debian Blak, SeePM, James Joys and label manager Tim Shaw

Released 05/11/2012