Triptik Music

TRIP015: Mr Blazey – MUSH! E.P.

Triptik Records presents Mush! EP by Mr Blazey.


Hot on the heels of last year’s acclaimed album Slonality, Newcastle’s Mr Blazey is
back with a searing six track EP of instrumental genius. Vocals, bass and beats take a
back seat as Mush! ploughs into a strings based territory – fltering mandolins, guitars
and homemade instruments through a breath-like soundscape of erratic electronics.
Track Untitled, so what? toys with space and silence, creating a poignant and
passionate classical world that contrasts powerfully with hip-hop EP opener
Everybody Knows.
Mr Blazey’s deliberate departure from heavy sampling and synths introduces a softer,
human side to his trademark big bass sound — proving himself as talented on the
strings and percussion as he is sat behind a mixing desk. Hip-hop by defnition but
tinged in exoticism, Mush! is an exciting shift that will welcome a whole new