Triptik Music

TRIP014: Verso – Dulcet EP

Triptik Records presents Verso’s first solo release Dulcet EP

Papua New Guinea born producer Verso strikes hard with his debut solo record Dulcet –
delivering an epic blast of hip-hop carved from an old-school core.
Stuttering synths, sepia soul samples and a swollen bass heavy groove invade seven hot
tracks that re-invent a hallmarked genre with force.

Bumpin’s staccato outro tingles and bounces back to hip-hop’s Beat Generation while
lighter touch Wishes layers creamy female vocals over razor sharp type-writer percussion.
The record’s analogue production aesthetic leans heavily on the Juno 6 synthesiser and
MPC sampler for a nostalgic 1980s vibe that takes you back to hip-hop’s rawest of days.
There’s a nod to J Dilla and DJ Premier in inspiration, but Verso (aka 28-year-old Bert
Calderon) diverts to his own course bleaching a scant lyrical path, allowing the beats to do
the talking.

Dulcet is a marriage, of the old and the new, of vintage hip-hop beats with dub tinged
bass. It’s immediate head-nodding love with a smirk on its face.
Before going it alone Gateshead based Verso was a member of Newcastle hip-hop outfit
The 27 Club where he played saxophone and DJ’d alongside Triptik contemporary Mr
Blazey. He has also released work with Verbal Terrorists but Dulect is his first release as a
solo artist.